KRAFTEX Antique Cracks

Includes 2 Parts of 250ml each

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Kraftex Antique Cracks will enable you to effortlessly and quickly create a unique antique effect on a variety of painted craft, hobby and artistic objects, even large surfaces like doors and walls!


  1. Shake the container thoroughly.
  2. Apply one coat of Kraftex Antique Cracks Base Coat (Small or Large cracks)
  3. Allow to dry until it looks clear. A minimum time of 15 minutes and a maximum of 6 hours. (Do not leave overnight)
  4. Apply Kraftex Antique Cracks Top Coat over this base coat, following the instructions given.


  1. To get smaller cracks, apply in hotter weather. To get larger cracks, apply in colder weather.
  2. Have patience with the drying time of Antique Cracks during cold weather conditions.
  3. Apply Kraftex Antique Cracks Top Coat over the base coat as soon as the base coat looks clear.

Technically Information:

  • The cracking is temperature sensitive.
  • Antique Cracks will take longer to dry and crack in colder weather.
  • If the base coat dries for too long (overnight) the top coat can get embrittled. (flakes off)


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