Hamilton’s Ensign Brushes

Available in Various Sizes


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Hamilton’s aims to enhance your environment, adding personality to your home or business. With their paint applicators and accessories, you can come closer to achieving “The Perfect Finish” and results every time.

CRAFTEX fully recommends using Hamilton’s Brushes to apply our CRAFTEX Chalk Paint & Metallic Paint Range.


• For solvent and water-based paints and wood treatments

• Preferred range for chalk paint applications


• Superior quality synthetic bristle, encased in a stainless steel ferrule

• For the discerning painter wanting value-for-money

• Ultra smooth finish with no streaking

• High loading, tapered-tip bristles for superior workmanship

• Angled sash brushes, perfect for accurate “cutting in” work

• Easy cleaning and guaranteed no bristle loss


12, 25, 38, 50, 75 & 100mm

Angled: 38, 50 & 63mm

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